CD Release Success/More April Dover Fun

Sorry it's a bit delayed, but thank you so much to everyone to came out and made our CD release party a success! Also to our new pals Pat & the Hats who ROCKED the house, and everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter!

We will be returning to Dover MANY times this month. We're playing at Fury's every remaining Wednesday in April, and have a SUPER FUN show happening at the Dover Brick House this Saturday, the 19th. We will be playing with our friends When Particles Collide, Volcano Rabbit, and A Minor Revolution.

Stay tuned for more announcements, we have a lot planned this summer!

"People Are People Too" Album Kickstarter!

Hey friends!!! We've been working on our new album since September, and we are ALMOST DONE!! We made a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish it. You can help us reach our goal by pledging for pre-orders, new shirts, patches, pins, and more goodies. Greg made the glorious film featured on our Kickstarter page, and Christopher Chase has been recording us at 1130 ft and God knows he can't wait to get our weird asses out of that studio so help us out! Love you and thank you!!!!!

Music Video Brain Storm

We are going to make a music video.... not sure what song, but we know we want:

  • Upside down chin people singing the lyrics
  • Fruits
  • Lots of fruits
  • Brandy (our blind, senile cat- possibly main character, in a green room)
  • Sad guys with wings
  • Brandy riding a dragon
  • Up close shots of our faces with no make-up on
  • Nessie
  • Us spinning in circles holding our instruments, not playing, getting punched really hard
  • A field of giant lolli-pops with us army crawling through
  • Snake fights
  • Anti-gravity shield 
  • Steve as a detective, always on our tail
  • Hidden photographs of every president 
  • Steve as a millionaire, but if he touches his money it turns to dust

Any more ideas are welcome. Please respond.

better steve monkey.jpg

People Skills and Outer Stylie at Fury's Jan. 24

Back at Fury's this month!!! Friday, January 24, at the darling Dover delight that is Fury's Publick House, with our buddies Outer Stylie. Here's a bit about 'em:

"Outer Stylie is a heavy, psychedelic, explosion of sound located in Amherst, MA. Although steeped in hard rock influences they take the listener to grounds and heights not often achieved by other rock bands. Never to submit to the clichés of rock 'n' roll, they are also influenced by the sensibilities of jazz and classical music, the freak-out mentality of psychedelic jams, and the infinite possibilities of an experimental outlook. They balance on the axis between simplicity and uncontrollable chaos; dance with the flowers of beauty and beasts of disgust."

Facebook Event! Join up yeaaa