People Skills and Outer Stylie at Fury's Jan. 24

Back at Fury's this month!!! Friday, January 24, at the darling Dover delight that is Fury's Publick House, with our buddies Outer Stylie. Here's a bit about 'em:

"Outer Stylie is a heavy, psychedelic, explosion of sound located in Amherst, MA. Although steeped in hard rock influences they take the listener to grounds and heights not often achieved by other rock bands. Never to submit to the clich├ęs of rock 'n' roll, they are also influenced by the sensibilities of jazz and classical music, the freak-out mentality of psychedelic jams, and the infinite possibilities of an experimental outlook. They balance on the axis between simplicity and uncontrollable chaos; dance with the flowers of beauty and beasts of disgust."

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