Music Video Brain Storm

We are going to make a music video.... not sure what song, but we know we want:

  • Upside down chin people singing the lyrics
  • Fruits
  • Lots of fruits
  • Brandy (our blind, senile cat- possibly main character, in a green room)
  • Sad guys with wings
  • Brandy riding a dragon
  • Up close shots of our faces with no make-up on
  • Nessie
  • Us spinning in circles holding our instruments, not playing, getting punched really hard
  • A field of giant lolli-pops with us army crawling through
  • Snake fights
  • Anti-gravity shield 
  • Steve as a detective, always on our tail
  • Hidden photographs of every president 
  • Steve as a millionaire, but if he touches his money it turns to dust

Any more ideas are welcome. Please respond.

better steve monkey.jpg